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Magdalena Ewa Wołoczko

LUBLIN - Poland
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More info on the magazine's site :,gdy-hodowca-daje-kosza.html

I heartily recommend You April's (April 2009) kynology magazine "MY DOG" in which - in addition to a number of very wise and valuable articles of great authors - You can find a mention about me :
article "When the breeder gives You out", by Mr. Krzysztof Nawrocki.

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The Kennel Club has introduced new standards for 209 breeds, following concerns about ill health in pedigree dogs caused by years of in-breeding.

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After a long waiting to be issued - the first and only book in Poland, exclusively about the bullmastiff breed, of my authorship, has finally become a fact!!! It is available in all those places where the books concerning dogs are sold. On the cover there is a picture of our dear little Lady

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I have a great pleasure to inform you that in the "Przyjaciel Pies" magazine of September 2005 a monographic article on Bullmastiff was published; his opinion on the breed expressed one of our best kynological judges as well as an interview with me accompanied by a picture of our dear little Lady on pages 3 and 12.

It is worth mentioning that it was a successive recognition for my dogs of this kynological magazine of great coverage, which as it is well-known, is a foreign magazine with a branch in Poland. For the first time the picture of our Ford was placed in the May 2001 number on page 23 of that issue. It is an honour to us to be appreciated by such a valuable magazine.
Thank you for the approval !!!

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Text about bullmastiff history in Poland - author : Magdalena Ewa Wołoczko

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